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OpenMinds offers high-impact training, coaching and consultancy sessions. Contact us to hear how we'll customise for your organisation. Here are some of our most-frequently requested sessions:


Merging Cultures Workshop
A fun-based workshop for merger situations
What happens when two cultures meet in a new or existing environment? The merging cultures workshop is a fun based simulation programme, which explores the individual and organisational issues presented as result of such a merger. The programme designed by Barry Oshry is an excellent exploration of what happens when different cultures, either organisational or national come together.


Appreciative Enquiry in Diversity
For teams and their leaders
The Openminds Appreciative Enquiry in Diversity programme is designed to help clients to explore and model positive diversity and leadership behaviour in organisations. The programme sets out to help clients adopt a proactive approach to diversity by involving its employee base and focusing on a values driven approach to the management of diversity.


Cultural Consciousness Workshop
For organisations with diverse customers and personnel
This Openminds Programme is designed to focus on helping client organisations to explore and meet the challenges presented by increased cultural diversity in both employee and customer profiles. The programme is designed around our broad experience in many organisations and is designed so as to help create increased levels of comfort and confidence for those managing cultural diversity.


Preparation and support for individuals and families
Information coming here soon.


Communication Teams
More effective multicultural teams
What happens when people from different cultural backgrounds come together as part of a team? What impact can their preconceived, their beliefs, value systems and cultural conditioning have on the operation of an international team? This programme explores exactly these issues and helps programme participants anticipate and proactively plan to meet the challenges presented.


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