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OpenMinds training and consultancy processes include the convenience of online learning via the leading e-learning tools in the intercultural field or customised OpenMinds solutions, produced exclusively for your organisation.

Contact us to hear more about customised e-learning for your organisation.

Customised elearning
A convenient and powerful learning experience created exclusively for your organisation
Tutorials, tools, introductions, tests and reference material which speaks directly to your people. Set in familiar situations, a customised elearning programme ensures that idea can be transferred immediately into practice.
ArgonautOnline intercultural negotiation
Intercultural learning online
One of the best-known tools in the global marketplace, ArgonautOnline uses content developed by OpenMinds. It allows you to compare yourself against a wide range of cultures and offers a wide variety of learning material.
  • tutorials
  • assessment
  • country information
  • forums
  • virtual support from your OpenMinds consultant
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