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Whether you are new to diversity or somebody who has been working with diversity previously and are looking for products to help your staff to become more comfortable and confident around diversity issues you will find a wide range of materials here in the diversity laboratory. If what you need is not here, we want to hear from you.

Diversity Books
Books on diversity-related subjects by leading authors. An essential selection of reading, offered by OpenMinds.
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Open Minds Posters
The Openminds posters (which can be customised for your organisation) are ideal for raising awareness of prejudice and discrimination in the workplace.
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Diversity Video Production
OpenMinds is creator of some of the most striking and successful training videos in the field. We also produce tailored films for internal programmes of leading organisations.
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Diversity Evaluations & Awareness Sessions
Our consultants can help you quickly identify the diversity challenges in your organisation and raise diversity awareness amongst your staff through effective group sessions.
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Diversity Online
Experience the convenience and power of elearning with standard or customised online courses and tools. OpenMinds is a leading provider of web-based material.
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Games and simulations
If you are looking for new and innovative ways to help your staff and clients to explore diversity and to create greater confidence around diversity issues...
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Contact the Openminds Consultancy at 01-6740000 or e-mail us at for details on pricing, volumes and ordering.

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