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Equality Authority Grant Scheme

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The National Framework for Equal Opportunities offers you the opportunity to apply for a totally funded grant to promote equality and diversity in your organisation.

Many organisations face increasing challenges in operating successfully in a competitive and ever shifting Irish economy. Meeting those challenges presents many opportunities to develop as diversity conscious organisations and to become recognised leaders in the area of equality and diversity. This scheme provides a perfect opportunity for you to engage with employees, clients, customers, patients and service users on diversity and equality in your organisation.

Key benefits of involvement in the scheme include:

  • The promotion of a positive and proactive approach to diversity and equality in your organisation.
  • Raising consciousness of the needs of people on diversity and equality issues and focusing on adjustments to meet those needs.
  • Raising awareness of individual roles and responsibilities on diversity and equality.
  • Ensuring greater consciousness of and compliance with Equality legislation including both the Employment Act, 1998 – 2007 and Equal Status Acts, 2000-2004

So what are the Key outcomes?

OpenMinds will help you to review and develop:

  • An employment equality policy;
  • An equal status policy; and, as necessary,
  • An equality and diversity training strategy.

This support is intended to assist you in putting into place an effective diversity and equality infrastructure.

How do I make and application under the scheme?

The process is very straight forward, please contact us and we will arrange to help you fill out the grant application.
Our phone number is 01 6740000 or e-mail

To download a PDF brochure on the scheme please click here

“Funded by the Equality Mainstreaming Unit which is jointly funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2013 and by the Equality Authority”

Irish fund EU fund equal

For further information on the European Social Fund please check

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