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Hello, you are welcome to the home page of the Diversity Challenge, Ireland.

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Contextualised for Ireland

The Diversity Challenge is Ireland's most innovative interactive software training and diagnostic tool. Developed by the Diversity Consulting of Australia, the Diversity Challenge has been contextualised for Ireland by OpenMinds. The tool has been customised for use in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United States, United Kingdom and now, Ireland and is currently being used by some of the world's leading organisations.

For groups of employees

The tool is typically used with groups of 20 - 250 employees at a time (executive to worker level) divided into competing teams and is usually done in two sessions

First half: spinning the wheel and participants are challenged to deal with generic scenarios on diversity which arise in the Irish workplace in order to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills

Second half: engaged in exploring priority diversity challenges impacting on your organisation and how best to address them

The process

  • Teams compete to resolve multiple choice scenarios about cultural, gender, ethnic, racial, linguistic and generational diversity issues (etc) pertaining to the population of Ireland
  • Questions present typical diversity scenarios that arise in the Irish workplace, challenging employees to explore their knowledge base about diversity and inclusion issues and how these should be dealt with
  • Unique methodology of educating employees about how best to manage diversity and embed inclusion in the workplace – opportunity to learn about sensitive issues in a relaxed, fun environment & take ownership for addressing the issues
  • Simultaneous audit function performed – management and employees evaluate how well the organisation is doing with regard to achieving its diversity and inclusion objectives


The outcomes

  • Building of diversity capabilities of managers and employees
  • Sustained change in attitudes and behaviour of employees towards those who are different to them. Why?

    • Curiosity to learn more is stimulated
    • Understanding of difference achieved more effectively through participative than didactic process
    • Concrete experience of how diversity adds value to a team
    • Scenarios develop practical competence to deal with diversity issues.
  • Participants driven to take personal ownership for addressing diversity and embedding inclusion
  • Need for priority systemic changes highlighted and actioned to accommodate diverse needs of the workforce
  • Reduction in costly disputes, grievances and legal claims on diversity and equity issues
  • Diversity Challenge BrochureFor furher information on the Diversity Challenge or to arrange a demonstration, contact us at or call 01 6740000
    Download the brochure here

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